18 Mar, 2016

Tribute to My Dad Dr.Bhogilal Shah

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Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !

Reminiscing is our exclusive series of memoir where people from different walks of life share their memories about individuals who made a difference to their lives in some way or the other.

Today we are in conversation with Nilima Kamdar ,CEO & Founder – Nilima Jobs-nilimajobs

1.Debasis: What comes to your minds when you think of your Dad?

I am lucky to have a father like him .When I look back in my life ,I realize how he has pampered me as being youngest of his 3 Children.Whatever I wanted he gave me,the  best of toys ,comfortable life ,best of education  and a very well disciplined life .When I think of him, I feel I was not able to fulfill his dreams in many aspects of life .But ,At that time ,because of young age, I was not able to understand his sacrifices ,his love .When i think of him today, I get transported to memories of past ,after which sadness takes over because he is no more with us.

2.Debasis : What kind of impact Your Dad has in your life,Specially as a human being?
He taught me to stay strong and fight any difficulties that I ever had to face .He always said hardwork and honesty is a key to success. People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.Love them anyway,give the world the best you have.

3. Debasis : Given a chance to meet him again,what would you like to speak about or discuss.

I will meet him one day for sure .I would say sorry papa you were right .i will also say how can you go papa ,why you left us .

4. Debasis: How would it have been to work with your Dad?

If I had worked with him than I would have been Doctor with best diagnosis skills .Papa loved his profession,he was treating 4th generation of many families .He was a doctor who worked till the end till the age of 84 .

5.Debasis : What legacy you feel your Dad has left behind?

Nilima : “Never retire in life work till the end”,

“Be perfect ,have you identity and work hard to reach height of success”
“Always remember to keep your sense of humor.”
“Live courageously even in the face of challenge.”
“Treasure those you love and let them know it.”
“Have faith in God”.

I truly believe Keeping these treasures from Dad close at heart  has always and will help me in future as I march ahead in my journey of life.

6. Debasis: Does your Dad come as a point of reference / motivation on day to day life of yours?

Nilima : Yes,many a time I feel he is near me ,I think like him .

7.Debasis :  If there is any thing that you wish you could do for your dad, what would that be?

Nilima : “To give best to the world.”

8.Debasis: Your note of thanks to Your Dad?

Nilima : Thank you for life and  legacy.

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