15 Jan, 2016

The Girl and the mother

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Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !

That day had eventually come, the day she dreaded the most. Her mother had forgotten to pay the electricity bill and her electric connection was cut off. It was just the beginning of another journey. She remembered fondly those days of childhood when her very humorous and fun loving mom would always write a note on all the payment bills and the note she always remembered was this electricity bill, some forty years ago “you illuminate my life”. Another one that always brought a smile and ray of hope for Maya was the one on mortgage “we are almost close to being the owner!

It was her way to strengthen each day and make it more beautiful for us children to live and be happy. She was one strong single mother who faced hardships but never lost the life in her and never ever her sense of duty.

But today Maya feels a touch of sorrow when she sees that frail structure knitting away close to the window as there is no light in the room. She opened the folder where all the bills were stacked and so were those lovely notes that accompanied. Her eyes brimmed with tears and Maya stalks out of the house holding back a bag a pent up emotions.

It’s been 10 years since then. Maya lost her mother a few days ago. She wanted to pay tribute to her guardian angel and treasure the legacy of memories with her mom online, digitally so that one day her own daughter,friends and family living in different cities and countries could also read and value them.

There will be thousands of people like Maya who have these deepest emotions of their loved ones. We at inmemoryglobal.com are trying to reach out to everyone like Maya to come and celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones who continue to live on in their heart.

My Tribute to Suresh Mullick
Inmemory-Preserving the memory of a loved ones.
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