19 Dec, 2014

You Decide

Posted By: debasis-digital
Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !

Why should we have a dedicated portal for remembrance and not something like a facebook or a twitter.

The answer is simple :

Though in facebook and twitter ,we have most of our family,friends ,social and professional connections sharing,talking and discussing things, remembrance and memorials are something that needs a better place than a fish market like a twitter or facebook where we talk anything and everything.

So when I see a very highly qualified guy from my facebook connections putting up continuous posts about his father’s illness,being hospitalized,undergoing surgery and his father sadly breathing his last breathe,my heart goes out for him and his family and I know how the entire family must be grieving and sure it must a truly testing time for all of them.

And the guy then shares the fond memories and pictures of his dad .What role has his dad played in his life,pictures of his dad’s younger days and so on.

For a moment,i do find the guy echoing the same feelings of my own when I lost my father few years back.

And then suddenly I find someone from this guy’s friend list asking him on those same emotional posts asking him to meet with him over drinks since they have not met long time.

I totally lose it and start thinking would even a 5 year old kid talk like that if he/she sees that someone sad or mourning?

In another scenario,I found someone sharing a funny video just after she wrote how she missed her deceased mother on her birthday.sorry,though I respect her emotions and I am no one to ask her to mourn only.Its kind of weird and visually painful to see such an emotion abruptly made to come to a sudden end.

Like song deserves a natural ending of its own and not an abrupt shut down or followed by a random ad,our feelings about memories of our lost loved ones deserve a special flow and place.

Point We are trying to make is that there is no question that its up-to an individual to decide how he/she prays and remembers his/her lost loved ones,but dont you think they deserve a better place and not a cluttered masala and content market like facebook and twitter?

You decide !

Memories are good – Celebrate them!!!
Dad,your memories are my strength.
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