Saadat Ali Khan I

21 May 2019
19 Mar 1739
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Saadat Ali Khan (Hindi: सआदत अली खान, Urdu: سعادت علی خان‎) (b. c. 1680 – d. 19 March 1739) was the Subahdar Nawab of Awadh (Oudh) from 26 January 1722 to 1739,and the son of Muhammad Nasir.At the age of 25 he accompanied his father Muhammad Nasir and joined the final campaign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb against the Maratha in the Deccan, where the Mughal Emperor honorably awarded him the title Khan Bahadur for his steadfast services.

Sa’adat Khan was born Muhammad Amin Musawi the son of Muhammad Nasir Musawi a Shia Muslim merchant of Khurasanand descendant of Musa al-Kadhim. His grandfather a wealthy merchant migrated to India during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Saadat Ali Khan I’s father became a very prominent official during the rule of Bahadur Shah I.He is the progenitor of the Nawabs of Awadh (through female line)

At the commencement of the emperor Muhammad Shah’s reign he held the faujdari (garrison commander) of Bayana. He made an unsuccessful effort to relieve the trapped Mughal Army during the Battle of Bhopal.

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Later Mughal-Maratha Wars
Battle of Amjhera (1728) Battle of Palkhed Battle of Jaitpur (1729) Battle of Delhi (1737) Battle of Bhopal Battle of Damalcherry Pass (1740) Siege of Trichinopoly (1741) First Battle of Katwa Siege of Trichinopoly (1743) Second Battle of Katwa Battle of Burdwan Battle of Malthan (1751) First Battle of Sikandarabad (1754) Battle of Sindkhed (1757) Battle of Udgir Battle of Mangrol (1761) Battle of Rakshasbhuvan
He was one of the commanding Mughal generals in the Battle of Karnal against Nadir Shah. Sa’adat Khan was captured during the battle and died on the night prior to the massacre of Delhi by Nadir Shah on 19 March 1739. He was buried at Delhi in the mausoleum of his brother in Law Sayadat Khan

He had five daughters but his eldest was married to his nephew Muhammad Muqim better known as Abul Mansur Khan Safdar Jung the son of his sister and Sayadat Khan a descendant of Qara Yusuf who succeeded him in the government of Awadh

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