Charles-François-Frédéric, marquis de Montholon-Sémonville

27 Nov 1814
20 Apr 1886
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Charles François Frédéric de Montholon-Sémonville (November 27, 1814 Paris – April 20, 1886) was a French senator, diplomat, and French ambassador to the United States, from 1864 to 1866.

From July 30 to December 10, 1853, he was consul general and charge d’affaires in Lima. During the French intervention in Mexico, he was ambassador of Napoleon III to Maximilian I. From 1864 to 1866, he was ambassador of Napoleon III to the Government of Andrew Johnson. In the plebiscite of 1870, he was elected senator.

He was the son of Hélène Albine de Vassal and Charles Tristan, marquis de Montholon. While married to her second husband, Albine had two sons, and gave each the names “Charles”, “Tristan”, and “de Montholon-Sémonville”; in all likelihood, both were fathered by Montholon before Albine married him in 1812.

Charles-François-Frédéric had two other siblings: Hélène, who may have been fathered by Napoleon while Albine and Montholon were with him during his exile on Saint Helena; and Charles-Jean-Tristan (1843-1899), who was born to Montholon’s mistress, Catherine O’Hara; they married after Albine’s death.

He married Marie Victoire Gratiot (1820-1878), daughter of Charles Gratiot, on November 1, 1837, in Washington, D.C.. They had four children:

Anne Albine Yolande de Montholon-Sémonville (1838-1875). Married, had issue.

Yolande Marie Victoire de Montholon-Sémonville (1840-1841)

Gratiot Adolphe Charles Tristan de Montholon-Sémonville (1841-1892). Married, had issue.

Julie Hélène de Montholon-Sémonville (1844-1929). Her wedding to Nicolas Garcin, aide-de-camp to Ernest Courtot de Cissey, was attended by Emperor Maximilian, Empress Carlota, and François Achille Bazaine. Had issue.

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