05 Dec, 2014

My Dad

Posted By: debasis-digital
Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !

On that foggy morning,

Through the silent dusty village road

I walked like a vagabond.

Everything was clean,

And gone.

I had just lost a battle first time in my life.

I saw this old wise man ,

Gently running past me.


He seemed very familiar.Yet mysterious.

As I continued to walk ,

With my eyes fixed on the road,down,

This old man looked back and shouted ,


“Listen to your heart.

Do the karma,

And everything will fall into place.”

Before I could say anything,

He ran into the fog ,

And disappeared.

I stood there for a minute and decided to run back.


Dad,your memories are my strength.
Happy Father’s Day.Everyday.
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