05 Dec, 2014

Happy Father’s Day.Everyday.

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Inmemory is a platform for all of us to pay tribute and share the fond memories of our loved ones who are not anymore in this world !

With father’s day around, I miss my dad tremendously. its been more than two years now that
my dad went onto his heavenly abode.But he lives on in my every step ,in my family’s every
joyous moments and in those situations which are uniquely connected to him.

Losing a father is not an easy situation for anyone and I too took time to move on with the fact
in my life.Since I was working in a different city and my mom and brother were in another city,
we had our own individual journey of coping up with the grief and loss.

I dont remember if we heavily mourned for my father,in my sister’s words,Dad was just here and
suddenly he vanished.

I am sure my mother,brother and sister had their own share of emptiness for my father.
But they never told me.

And we got busy in our own life with work as usual.

Yes,I was traumatized for several months and the worst part was i could not share it with my family
Because I somehow felt that will cause a kind of break down for all of us.I thought I would get into depression,but somehow managed to balance it with the support of my closest friends.

But as time progressed,we ,as a family,coped up well and we remember dad fondly in our discussion whenever we are together in my family.

This was one of my weekly trips to home from mumbai to kolkata when I noticed a very strange yet beautiful event of my life which make me smile and happy every time I think of it and reinforced
my belief in the fact that our loved ones can never leave us,even though they are not physically with us,they are with us in our actions,thoughts and in our life.

On that trip of mine,we were to have lunch together at home and I noticed my brother arranging
a separate plate with bits of all the foods that were there.

There we three people for lunch-Me,my mother and my brother and I was like who is this fourth plate for.

Before I could ask anything about that,my mom put that plate along with a glass of water in front of the
chair where my dad used to sit on the dining table for food.

I was zapped. I could never imagine myself doing it for my dad.It was their belief that dad was still
there living with them and I could not eat at that time.I went away saying I have some urgent work and went to my room and my eyes were filled with tears.I wanted to howl and cry ,but somehow I wept in silence.

Now when I think of it,I feel thats the greatest thing a son can do for his dead father.

Happy Father’s day.Everyday.

My Dad
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